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Below you can get to know US better - Get to know why we care about YOUR team and business so much.
We look forward to working towards your goals and needs!

Who / What / When/ Where and Why!

How did I start in this industry?

Born and raised in Austria, I worked in management for many years but felt a need for new challenges in life. A good friend and colleague introduced me to this type of training while still in Austria back in 2012. I gave up a promising career to explore and travel the world and I have done many exciting activities, such as skydiving, bungee jumping, and hiking the Swiss and Austrian Alps. When introduced to the teambuilding activities such as building up energy/trust and high-end challenges like bending rebar with your throat or walking on hot coals, I knew these were exactly the kind of challenges I was missing in my collection of doing daring things!

During those days and weekends of trainings, this became a big part of my life and every day I’ve learned so much about people, mind and group behavior. That is what pushed me to make the decision to become a trainer myself. We trained a variety of people from young to old in different countries and in many different languages.


What qualifies me to run these courses?

I am a certified mental coach and NLP-trainer (Neuro Linguistic Programming) as well as a certified health and fitness instructor. I’ve attended various classes in Coaching, Problem Solving, Conflict Management, Teambuilding and more. This assists me in “reading” and “understanding” people to determine their health condition and know how their body works.

Furthermore, I am certified as a high rope garden trainer, which allows me to guide others through activities in a high rope garden.


How much experience do I have?

In addition to leading a variety of fitness and workout classes, health and positive thinking workshops in Austria since 2012, I worked as a high rope garden and team trainer for many years. I have trained individuals, employees and sport athletes from individual trainings up to groups of 50 participants.


How did I end up in Canada?

Starting from the business perspective, this journey began with a love story…not long after I became a high rope garden trainer, I met and fell in love with the manager of the high rope garden safety. After working as a team trainer together, we began an online marketing business and decided to move to Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia to expand into the Asian market.

After almost 2 years of living and conducting business in Asia, we made the decision to move to Canada and have loved it from the very first day! We knew this would become our new home, bought a house, settled down, are raising our two beautiful children and are: enjoying life.


One evening while enjoying a bonfire, our friends were asking where we met and how we became a couple. They were so fascinated about the training we had done and convinced us to bring this business to Canada.


That was the beginning of “Level up Teambuilding” and we can’t wait to meet you in person!

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